Are You Kidding Me Tedy Bruschi?

Posted: May 2, 2012 in NFL
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Reason #5,672 why I dislike ESPN, it gives people like Tedy Bruschi a chance to voice his opinion. Look, I really don’t have any ill will toward Tedy as a person, or as a football player. Heck, the guy was an undersized linebacker who played his freaking heart out.  However, when ESPN gives someone a forum to defend the indefensible it really is a complete joke.

For those of you who don’t know the story yet, Jim Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, was asked on a Baltimore radio station mainly about the Saints Bounty system. Harbaugh’s reply was that he would never cheat because now the Saints and the Patriots championships are stained and have asteriks. He said it just isn’t worth it to cheat and that is why he would never do it. What is wrong with that Tedy? Well apparently to Tedy, quite a bit. First, let me back up and remind you all of what the Patriots did, which has become to be known as spygate. In 2007, the Patriots personnel were caught videotaping the Jets defensive coach’s during a walk thru practice. This enabled the Pats to pick up hand signals and defensive strategy. This was during a regular season game, what do you think the Patriots did during playoff games, or the Super Bowl? Hmmm…I’m sure they did nothing of the sort, I mean regular season games are way more important than the Super Bowl.


So, anyways back to Tedy’s response…which was hilarious because he never said they didn’t cheat. I mean it was proven that they did, so how could he? Instead, he attacks Harbaugh and says that Jim needs to learn loyalty when it comes to Belichick, because apparently Belichick helped get Harbaugh his job. Wow! Really? Maybe Tedy you need to learn that cheating is not ok, and to be loyal to someone who is cheating is wrong.

Tedy went on to say that when he looks down and sees his three championship rings, he is secure because he knows how much work was put in to win them. That’s great Tedy, but your team had a clear advantage in winning those championships whether you like it or not. The difference between an 8-8 team and a 10-6 team in the NFL is so slim that coaches and players will do anything to gain an edge. That is what the Patriots did here…gain an edge. In their three Super Bowl victories before Spygate came out, they won each one by a field goal. You mean to tell me that you would have won those without cheating? Maybe, maybe not but that is where the stain and the asterik come in…we will never really know. So, nothing Harbaugh said was out of line. Sorry Tedy, but in this situation, you are the one completely out of line. The Patriots have won zero super bowls since Spygate came out. Just sayin’

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  1. Watts Happenin says:

    Jones, I agree, this was crap. Just because Belichick gave him a job reference doesn’t mean that Harbaugh has to ignore SpyGate. Plus, Harbaugh’s comments overall were pretty low-key.

    Tedy needs to accept that what they did was wrong. There’s no justification and no defending it, and winning games doesn’t change that fact.

    One thing that I did find funny: Harbaugh says that the reason that he won’t cheat is because of the asterisk. It’s not because cheating is wrong, or that he respects the game and its rules. He doesn’t cheat because if he gets caught, he wouldn’t want the asterisk.

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