Georgia On My Mind

Posted: September 9, 2012 in NCAA
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“Light-headed and memorable. Gut-twisting and humbling. Saturday night at Faurot Field was the sort of gawdawful moment that epitomized the wildest dreams and most agonizing nightmares of Tiger lovers everywhere.” —Bryan Burwell St. Louis Post-Dispatch describing many Mizzou fans emotions during and after the game.

Here is the thing, I was wrong in my prediction for Missouri against Georgia. I can freely admit when I was wrong, and I was wrong there. However, I was not wrong in knowing that Missouri can compete and possibly beat teams in the SEC not named Alabama and LSU. That is different than what every national sports writer will have you believe. Well, on a Saturday night in Columbia, Missouri proved that they could do it.

Missouri had this game in hand for three quarters. The defense was sensational, Franklin was good enough, and the offesnive line was holding up well. Mizzzou is just as fast and nasty as these teams in the SEC on both sides of the ball. They proved that last night. Until the end of the third quarter, Missouri was leading the entire game, up 20-17 until about three minutes left in the 3rd.

Unfortunately, the incompetency of the coaching staff and mistake prone QB that kept Missouri from winning Big 12 championships, once again showed up in this game. 4th and 11, backed up at their own 35, Gary Pinkel callls a fake punt run with a tiny and slow white punter. Genius! Then, Franklin decides to throw a pick six right into the hands of the Georgia’s best defender…my brother from another mother, Jarvis Jones. That kid is really freaking impressive by the way.

Anywho, here is what I found out last night from the game. The talent is there. However, if Missouri is going to succeed this year in the SEC, the coacahes are going to have to stay out of their own way.



Posted: September 7, 2012 in NCAA

The SEC is overhyped, overexposed,   and full of redneck hillbillies. That’s right, I said it. You know why I said it? Because it is true. Case in point…

If one more writer talks about how Missouri is going to have to recruit better in order to even stay with the powerhouse that is the SEC, and will be lucky to win 6 games this year, I am going to cut someone. Yes it is true, the SEC has won the past six BCS non-championship, championships. Well whoopdeefreaking do. That doesn’t make the conference the best in land. All it proves is that the best team in the land the past six years came from the SEC, period.

I acknowledge that the Alabama’s, Florida’s and LSU’s have had the best team in the land the past six years. I don’t dispute that at all. However, that doesn’t make the SEC conference the best top to bottom in football. That doesn’t mean that a team like Missouri, who came from the Big 12, is not going to be able to compete with overrated teams like Georgia. Georgia is ranked sixth in the land..let me ask you a very important question…HOW? Based on what?? You think they would be  ranked that high if they were in the Big 12?

Are teams like South Carolina, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Auburn really better than Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State, West Virginia? No…and you know what else pisses me off about most SEC fans? If say they are an Auburn fan, and Alabama wins the Championship, somehow the Auburn fan takes great pride in that and will pump their chest and say something like “The SEC is the best…we are so freaking awesome” and then Alabama will come out with a stupid SEC banner to wave around to the crowd instead of oh I dunno maybe their own team’s banner?? So freaking annoying…as a Missouri fan and former member of the Big 12, I didn’t pump my chest out every time Oklahoma beat a great team or was in the BCS championship game. They are a rival, why the heck would I want them to win anything??

So screw the entire SEC sans Mizzou. Most writers say that Mizzou will be lucky to hang with Georgia tomorrow night forget that..Mizzou isn’t old time football. They actually make the game exciting by you know…getting into the endzone, which is a problem for most SEC teams. Mizzou by 14…out!

Yes I have been gone for a really long time. As many of you know, my wife and I recently bought a house. So between taking care of that, working and getting some sleep, there was little time to write. However, I’m back and hopefully better than ever.

So unless you have been living in a cave the past couple of days, you have heard about the NCAA’s sanctions against Penn State. Loss of 10 scholarships for four years, payment of 60 million dollars, four years without a bowl and apparently Penn State has not won a game now in 14 years.

Let me fill you in on how stupid all of these sanctions are one by one and how they are not going to cripple Penn State that so many retarded experts think that they will.

Loss of 10 scholarships for four years? Yes it will hurt this year and probably next year, but after that, Penn State will get the recruits. This isn’t San Jose State…it is still Penn State which means it is still in the Big Ten and it is still in talent rich Pennsylvania. Think that kids won’t want to go there in two plus years? Tell that to all the people who have increased their donations since news of Paterno’s firing and of all these sanctions. There are a ton of Penn State and Paterno loyalists. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to change.

Payment of 60 million? Yeah Penn State’s endowment is almost 2 billion. Do the Math.

Four years without a bowl? That is about it…nothing more to that story. So what? USC was given a two year ban and now this year, they will probably be ranked #1 in the preseason.

Sorry but I laugh when these experts try to say that this is going to cripple Penn State. It won’t. The only thing that would have crippled it would be to have gotten rid of the program all together, which should have happened. Sandusky rapes kids for decades, Paterno and his cronies cover it up, and all Penn State gets is a couple of slaps on the wrist. Unfreakingbelieveable. Sandusky should get the death penalty, and so should have Penn State.

Ahh it is finally here. Honestly, I am surprised it has taken this long to get here. The Celtics lasted way longer than I thought they would and they really shouldn’t have won three games in this series. However, the reason they lasted this long, is also the reason why the Heat and Lebron will lose for the second year in a row in the finals. But, more on that later. For now, I want to say how ridiculous it is that the Celtics even won three games.

The Celtics are really freaking old plain and simple. Ray Allen is pretty much useless at this point in his career, Paul Pierce has a lot of wear and tear, Garnett has played seventeen seasons and Rondo (although he is a great penetrator and assist guy) can’t shoot worth a lick which allows the Heat to play so far off a point guard its ridiculous. It is amazing that the Celtics won three games in this series, and the reason being is that the Celtics played their freaking hearts out every single game of the playoffs. However, at this point in time, that isn’t enough. The talent is just not there anymore.

However, with the Heat, the talent is there, the heart? Not really. They should have completely blown out the Celtics by twenty every single game of this series. They have three guys, in their prime, who are going to probably be in the Hall of Fame. Yet, they take plays and games off, which is why, they will lose again in the Finals. They are going to face a team with just as much talent across the board, and have the fire and the heart as the Celtics do. The Thunder will win the series and we can once again hear Lebron make excuses. I can’t wait.


That is what the University Presidents and College Conference Commissioners have done to the promise of a College Football Playoff.

I tell you what, when the possibility of a college football playoff started to become a reality about a month ago, I was more excited than anyone. Even though they decided that a four team playoff was the better route than an eight or a sixteen team playoff (which I preferred more), anything is better than the BCS system, which is more corrupt than Enron ever was.

However, of course the Big conferences have to turn it into a complete pissing match. Since in this scenario there are only four teams involved, everyone wants to make sure that they get their share of the pie i.e lots and lots of money. So the SEC and the Big 12, being the two best conferences in football by far, want the four best teams regardless of conference affiliation. When the Big 10 and Pac whatever found out about this, they whined about it not being fair and that only teams who are conference champions should be allowed to be in the four team playoff.

I can see pros and cons of either scenario, but the main problem is that to limit the number of teams to four is completely stupid anyways. However, why should I expect anything else from these money grubbing idiots? In my opinion, go to 16 teams, use the current bcs formula to rank the teams 1-16 ( look the formula is ridiculously hard to understand but at the end of the season it seems to pass the eye test pretty well, plus it is a good mix of human and computer)   but put back the strength of schedule in the formula so that maybe we will get a good out of conference game every once in a while. Done….perfect system! Yes people will complain (just like they do after the 68 basketball team tournament field is announced), but if you can’t make it to the top 16, you don’t have much to gripe about. That 5th team might though.