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Whoa. I have gone a little deep on you there, but bear with me. As of the time that this is published, Tiger Woods will be in danger of missing the cut for a second consecutive week. This would be the first time that this has ever occurred for Tiger, and I will tell you that this is awful for the sport of golf. Why? Golf is boring if Tiger isn’t involved in the tournament. Not only is it boring, but people, myself included, won’t watch it this weekend and that is reflective in the tv ratings again and again when Tiger is not involved. Why? Because Rory Mcilroy, Zach Johnson, Luke Donald, Matt Kuchar etc etc etc are freaking snoozefests. Not only are they boring, but they aren’t great. Not Tiger great. Or at least what Tiger used to be.

Here in the United States, and I am guessing it is like this around the world, we want to watch greatness in sports. That is why I, and many people around the world still want Tiger to win, even if he is not exactly the most moral encompassing man on the planet. Would I associate myself with Tiger or be his buddy if I had the chance? No..couldn’t do it. People make mistakes for sure, but there are mistakes, and then there is cheating on your wife multiple times with multiple women including porn stars.

Tiger Deserved It. However, I still want to watch him play.

Anywho, when it comes to sports, as long as they are not cheating the sport itself, I don’t care. I want to see greatness, which is what Tiger is when he is on. When Tiger is on, it is almost like he transcends human ability, and it is a joy to watch. Not only that, but at least he shows some emotion while he is doing it. When things are great, he smiles and pumps his fists. When things are bad, he yells and gets down on himself. Hey, at least he shows that he gives a hoot, which is a lot more than what some professional sports figures can say.

Yeah, I am looking at you Andrew Bynum. Kobe Bryant last night had a severe stomach flu, consistently vomiting during the game, completely dehydrated yet still managed to play thru it. He was diving for loose balls, getting open without the ball, playing solid defense and still managed to put up 31 points against Denver last night. That is a true warrior. Bynum on the other hand, who is freaking 7’1 and was completely healthy, had a whole grand total of 8 points in a lopsided defeat.

Reportedly after the game, Bynum was smiling the whole way from the shower back to the lockerroom. If I was Kobe and I saw that, I probably would have jacked Bynum in the mouth for his smug attitude. I can’t stand to see such talent wasted, and apparently Kobe can’t either since he told reporters after the game that Andrew needs to play like he gives a you know what in Game 7. Again, Kobe might not be the most moral being on the planet, but when he is on, he is great and he is polarizing. Knock him and Lebron (another sometimes great yet always polarizing figure) out of the playoffs, and no one would care what happened the rest of the NBA Season.

Now, I am not saying that in order for me to enjoy watching someone and consider them great, they have to be of immoral character. I really wish that 100% of them weren’t. However that is just not reality, and when it comes to watching greatness in sports, I am not concerned with their personal moral character. I’d rather watch greatness, and be inspired that way, than watch the boredom of  someone like Tim Duncan win another championship.