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Because it just isn’t true. The hype machine that is the worldwide leader has fed the public this line for years now, based on the fact that they have a huge stake in the conference. The fact is that yes, the most dominant team in college football for the past six years has come from the SEC, that does not mean that the conference as a whole is the most dominant conference from top to bottom.

Alabama might make it seven in a row for the conference ( I am not of that opinion,) but it could happen. However, again that just means that the most dominant team came from the conference, nothing more nothing less. Also, unlike most teams in college football, if you are a member of the SEC you get the benefit of losing a game or two yet still have the chance at even competing in the title game, based on the perception that the conference is the best. What exactly has Alabama proven over a team like Oregon that they get the nod instead of the Ducks or the Wildcats from K State? They haven’t…it is just perceptionthat has been built up for more than a decade now from the sports media world.

Take this year’s bowl results so far….Florida’s offense was exposed against Louisville, Clemson beat LSU with arguably their best player out from the first play of the game, Northwestern beat Miss St. All the SEC teams have done so far is beat a mediocre Nebraska team that lost by thirty against a 7-5 Wisconsin team, beat a suspect 8-4 Michigan team, and an N.C State team who was 7-5. That’s dominant? Hmmm…maybe the sports media world and the American public need to realize there are good teams outside of the South.


It is about that time. If you are even a casual reader of this blog, you can tell that my affinity for ESPN is quite low. So without further ado, here are my top five reasons for why ESPN sucks.

1.) ESPN is the cause for conference realignment. Yep that’s right. It is all ESPN’s fault that the rivalries and traditions of college sports have deteriorated. Why? Well, why have schools gone from the Big 12 to the SEC, the Big East to the Big 12 etc?….money. Where does the money come from? TV Contracts! And on what tv stations do 90 percent of the college games play? Well, the “ESPN Family of Networks” of course. Those ESPN Family of Networks just keep paying a ridiculous amount of money to air college football games, that schools are thus taking advantage. And Why not…it isn’t the school’s fault that ESPN employs a bunch of morons. Then, what really bugs me is that the same ESPN idiots who have been the cause of conference realignment, start pointing fingers at the schools and their Presidents. ” Well, it’s Missouri’s fault that the Big 12 almost imploded because they wanted to get to the SEC. Well it’s Syracuse’s fault that they are moving to the ACC.” No you morons. It is your fault because you are paying conferences a ridiculous amount of money to air a game where you don’t really have a lot of competition.

2.) Their Groundbreaking News is Usually Wrong. As far as groundbreaking news goes, ESPN is barely a step above the National Enquirer. Let’s take the Albert Pujols signing this past winter as an example. When was the first time you ever heard that the Angels were even in the mix? Oh yeah basiclaly when Pujols signed on the dotted line. Great investigative journalism ESPN. I thought you were the WorldWide Leader Sports.

3.) The Decision. Enough said. Yes Lebron is evil and a complete idiot. However, you would think grown men would know better. Then, of course, these are the same people who then chastised Lebron for months on end about what an awful thing he did.

4.) Their Experts aren’t Experts. I love when ESPN asks the Experts about their predictions for the upcoming champion of the four major sports. For example, take a look at who 33 out of the 45 “experts” picked to win the World Series last year. The Red Sox…hmmm interesting since ESPN is based in Bristol, CT and the closest baseball team are the Red Sox. Also, these guys aren’t experts. They are either reporters, anchors, or washed up has been or never was professional sports players who would rather come up with some new schtick than actually do any reasearch. They just have an opinion like everyone else. You know what ESPN should do? Ask someone out in Iowa sitting on their couch with a sausage hanging out of their mouth who they think the 2012 MLB Champion will be. That would at least be entertaining, and make more sense than the junk these experts pull out of their butts.

5.) Mel Kiper, Chris Berman et al. They suck period. They aren’t funny, they aren’t original, they think they know everything, problem  is they don’t and they’re not.

6.) ESPN Insider: You are so special that you make people pay extra for your great opinion…errr (ahem!) investigative reporting. Wow you really do suck.

Reason #5,672 why I dislike ESPN, it gives people like Tedy Bruschi a chance to voice his opinion. Look, I really don’t have any ill will toward Tedy as a person, or as a football player. Heck, the guy was an undersized linebacker who played his freaking heart out.  However, when ESPN gives someone a forum to defend the indefensible it really is a complete joke.

For those of you who don’t know the story yet, Jim Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, was asked on a Baltimore radio station mainly about the Saints Bounty system. Harbaugh’s reply was that he would never cheat because now the Saints and the Patriots championships are stained and have asteriks. He said it just isn’t worth it to cheat and that is why he would never do it. What is wrong with that Tedy? Well apparently to Tedy, quite a bit. First, let me back up and remind you all of what the Patriots did, which has become to be known as spygate. In 2007, the Patriots personnel were caught videotaping the Jets defensive coach’s during a walk thru practice. This enabled the Pats to pick up hand signals and defensive strategy. This was during a regular season game, what do you think the Patriots did during playoff games, or the Super Bowl? Hmmm…I’m sure they did nothing of the sort, I mean regular season games are way more important than the Super Bowl.


So, anyways back to Tedy’s response…which was hilarious because he never said they didn’t cheat. I mean it was proven that they did, so how could he? Instead, he attacks Harbaugh and says that Jim needs to learn loyalty when it comes to Belichick, because apparently Belichick helped get Harbaugh his job. Wow! Really? Maybe Tedy you need to learn that cheating is not ok, and to be loyal to someone who is cheating is wrong.

Tedy went on to say that when he looks down and sees his three championship rings, he is secure because he knows how much work was put in to win them. That’s great Tedy, but your team had a clear advantage in winning those championships whether you like it or not. The difference between an 8-8 team and a 10-6 team in the NFL is so slim that coaches and players will do anything to gain an edge. That is what the Patriots did here…gain an edge. In their three Super Bowl victories before Spygate came out, they won each one by a field goal. You mean to tell me that you would have won those without cheating? Maybe, maybe not but that is where the stain and the asterik come in…we will never really know. So, nothing Harbaugh said was out of line. Sorry Tedy, but in this situation, you are the one completely out of line. The Patriots have won zero super bowls since Spygate came out. Just sayin’

Unfortunately, many times it does not. A couple of weeks ago, I plopped my ass down to watch some tv on a Saturday morning. As I was flipping thru the channels, I stumbled across an episode of Outside the Lines on ESPN. Normally, I really enjoy this show as it usually delves into a sports issue much like a newsmagazine show would.

On this particular Saturday, our boy Bob Ley of Outside the Lines was interviewing former QB for the Chicago Bears, Jim McMahon. If you don’t recall, Jim McMahon was the QB of the Super Bowl Champion Bears in 1985. Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, he is probably the most talented QB they have had in 30 years. However, that is a whole another issue.


Wow, what a douche

Anyways, Jim McMahon was being interviewed because he played during an era in the NFL where concussions were not as carefully examined as they are now. He estimates that during his playing career, he received a number of concussions that went undiagnosed. Because of that negligence by the NFL (as he calls it), he is now suffering from memory loss, chronic headaches, and is losing the ability to walk. So what does he do about this? He, along with six other former players decide to sue the NFL because it is their fault. As he says “back then you just took an aspirin and went back out there.”

Oh ok Jim, I guess there were guns pointed to your head saying that if you didn’t go back out onto the field, the people holding those guns were going to shoot you. And those same guns were telling you that you should play football…..OR ELSE!  The other thing that our boy Jim said was that he wasn’t sure when he had a concussion or not. The trainer would just do the finger and eye test and if you cleared that, you were good to go. From personal experience, I know when I received a concussion. So, I am not quite sure what Jim is even talking about. When I received a concussion, I had instant memory loss of the entire event that had occurred, I had the worst headache of my life, and my eyes could not focus.

Why in our society, when something goes wrong in our lives, do we just immediately look for someone to blame? Why do we never, or seldom take responsibility for our actions? I am reminded of the woman who made millions by suing McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on herself. That was McDonald’s fault obviously because there was not a warning that the coffee was hot on the cup. It wasn’t her fault for spilling it on herself, just like it isn’t Jim’s fault that he decided to play a violent, hard hitting football game for his career. Of course it is the NFL’s fault. I mean they are the ones who strapped on his helmet, and made him go back out there time and after time. If you decide to play football, fine, but that doesn’t make you oblivious to the risks that you are exposing yourself too.

If you choose to participate in something, whether it is a job, a sport, a crime etc. Fine, but instead of pointing fingers, let’s look inward and notice that by choosing to participate, you also choose the risks that may be involved. If I choose to get a cup of coffee, I run the risk of spilling it on myself. It is not the cup nor the coffee company’s fault.

Should I Care?

Posted: April 2, 2012 in College Basketball
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So earlier today, I came across this article from ugh…ESPN

After reading it, I realized just how much I disagreed with the author of this article, Dana O’Neil. However, I wondered if I was alone on this island, or if many others feel the same way I do. If you are too lazy to read the article, basically the premise is this. Having two “blue bloods” play for the National Championship is great for the game of College Basketball, and this is what everyone wants. To that end, I just shrug my shoulders and say eh?

Personally, I like the David vs Goliath mantra more than any other scenario. I am not much for the David vs David or Goliath vs Goliath matchup. So, if Kentucky or Kansas wins tonght and raises another banner, am I really supposed to care? I was much more excited about the recent Final Fours when the VCU’s, George Masons, and Butlers of the world matched up with the big dogs. Isn’t that what is so great about March Madness anyways? The small schools getting the chance against the Duke,UNC, Kentucky and UCLA’s of the world? However, why should I really care what the talking heads at ESPN have to say anyways? I’m shocked they even mention the game since there is no team from New York or Boston in it.

What say you?