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Let me throw out a couple of numbers for you. 21,447  8,244  42,224

Pretty big numbers huh? The first number is the average annual total cost of a college student at a public university. That number includes university fees, tuition, room and board and textbooks. The second number is the average tuition cost per year at a public university. The astounding third number is the average annual total cost of a college student at a private university.

What can we surmise from these three numbers? It costs a lot of dough to go to college. Going to college is a privilege, not a right. There are many people in this country, even with the help of loans or financial aid, that just will not be able to attend a four year university. Yet, some people will argue that for college athletes, this free tuition is just not enough. Their argument is that The NCAA makes X amount of money a year off of them and the athletes should be compensated for it. (Let’s take all of the other college athletes out of the equation, because it is usually just Division I basketball and football players that people talk about when mentioning this. Also, they are typically the only sports where there are full scholarships)

 Here is my argument. These athletes are already being compensated. Don’t tell me that the chance for a four year college degree from a college or university does not mean anything. Don’t tell me that being a football or basketball athlete does not immediately put you ahead of other job applicants when they do graduate from the college or university.

Let’s take a look at those numbers again and multiply them by four…the first one is now 85,788, the last one is now 168,896. Again, that is a lot of money. That is a lot of money that these athletes do not have to pay because they are good at putting a ball thru a hoop, or breaking a tackle. Many of these same athletes would not even have the chance to go to college if they were not good at sports.

Am I saying that the NCAA isn’t a corrupt organization? No. Am I saying the NCAA does not exploit these kids? No. However, I am saying that paying college athletes (again basketball and football) is ridiculous.  It is not right for the NCAA to be completely corrupt. However, just because it is corrupt does not make it ok for college athletes to get paid. Two Wrongs do not make a Right.